Practices utilize the skills, expertise, and resource network of SEAesthetics senior strategists to develop and implement business growth strategies with precise execution.

As part of their commitment to furthering aesthetic practice success, SEAesthetics provides advanced educational opportunities for providers and staff to grow their skill sets and produce better results and experiences for their patients.


Creating Rare Gems


Sand - it makes up the beach.  Particles of sand in an oyster & it becomes a pearl, but sand astray might become abrasive. We analyze what is necessary to create a beautiful gem and uniquely design it for you.

Navigating The Market


We listen to your needs & assist with maneuvering uncharted waters.  The weather will be variable.  We help with adjusting the travel based on the forecast.

Adjusting The Course


The ocean is expansive and the tides change like the needs and interests of the practice.  We assist at the helm to keep the ship traveling toward specified quadrants.

For more information, contact:  Ann-Marie (Mimi) Stevens


                M: 561.699.6278